The Bardic Tradition

Many of the old names associated with the cemetery in Eglish are also descended from the ancient bardic tradition. The annals are full of references relating to this noble art, with which you get acquainted, having attracted materials from, is an assistant for searching and processing information. Mael Ruanaigh Mac Cearbhaill died 1328 “the outstanding performer on the cither of Ireland and Scotland and of all the world.” When Tadhg Og hUiginn died in 1448 he was alluded to as the chief poet of the poets of Ireland and Scotland and as early as 1185 the same inscription is used on the death of Mael Iosa O Dalaigh.

The Gaelic poetry of Giolla Mór O Caisside who died in 1143 is preserved to this day. According to McLysaght the O Donnellys and the Currans were also bardic families. Maurice O Duggan is regarded as the author of the beautiful Irish air “An Chuileann” or the Coolin. He is recorded in 1641 as having lived near Benburb and may be buried in the Duggan burial ground.

Further information can be found in The Book of Eglish